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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Mon, December 3, 2001 at 1:35 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: IA - there you go - Onion has come on board too.  None of us


has a GW Bush Love Doll, a Harry Potter poster over our bed, or would be so rude to use Zs in the profligate manner you do, so I think our judgement can be trusted.  Believe me, none of us would say we think you are a dumbass, unless we knew it was true.

Now shape up boy.  You probably have a good heart, but have never overcome your father's rejection.  Heck, do you think you are the only kid who never knew the identity of his father.  It's not your fault that your mother doesn't know who he is either.  I know it will cheer you up to know that gauging by your posts, I think your pop is probably a man of a similar intellectual stature as your hero, no, not Harry Potter, your supreme commander, GW.

Now get over it IA.  Try to be a man.  If that doesn't suit you - try to be a woman.  Whatever you decide and whatever your shortcomings, I predict that with effort your life could reach mediocre heights and be filled with the same frustrations and disappointments as those of regular people, like taxes and death.

Now, please stop replying to everyone's posts with whinging and whining, or with Zs, as that makes you appear superior, which you obviously are not, or just a dumbass who doesn't really have a clue what to answer.

With regard to your recent domain acquisitions and, I think you are better qualified than any other person I know to develop these sites into industry leaders.  You must know that you are the envy of all of us who never saw their potential.

Finally, as I am now aware of your love for animals, I will give you some advice which may keep you out of detention -  don't mess with chickens and super glue.  There is no need for DNA testing if they catch you with feathers stuck to your foreskin.

Merry Christmas



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