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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, December 9, 2001 at 11:45 PM GMT
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Subject: IA Classics Vol.1 "John Smith am I" (or "I am John Smith")


From the ICANN GTLDs forum in March this year. 
      Username: InternetAdvocate
               Date/Time: Tue, March 27, 2001 at 11:49 PM GMT
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                  Score: 5
                 Subject: GTLDs

                Message: The new top level domains (TLDs) recently                          approved by ICANN are not the best possible.

                    For the new TLDs and several old TLDs, I propose                     several changes in nomenclature only (with no
                    change in registries).

                      Current      Better
                      -------      ------

                      .aero        .aer

                      .biz         .cor (for corporation)
                                 & .ltd (for partnership)

                      .co          .com
                      .coop        .co

                      .edu         .ed, or .edn (for educational                                          institution)

                      .info        .lnk (for link)
                                    or .dir (for directory)
                                    or .rpt (for report)

                      .museum      .mus, or .mue

                      .name        .ami (which means "am I")

                    For example, JohnSmith.ami as in the sentence                         "John Smith am I" (or "I am John Smith").

                    Notice that all the proposed nomenclatures are                     three or two letters.  This preserves the naming
                    convention for file extensions that had been                      carried to the internet.

                    To prevent confusion with country-codes (CC-TLDs),                     and to allow for easy addition of CC-TLDs, I
                    propose that country codes be expanded to four                     letters, with a few remaining three or two                            letters.  For example, .usa, .can, .mex (rather                       than .us, .ca, .mx).  And .tv, .to, .it, .at would                    be grandfathered in for ten years (and then opened to                  general use, with those CC-TLDs becoming .tuv, .ton,                  .ital, .astr, respectively.)

                    The nomenclature that I propose herein is a vast                     improvement over the current nomenclature.  I hope
                    that the ICANN Board of Directors take this under                     serious consideration.

                    Internet Advocate


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