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Username: hiltonian
Date/Time: Mon, December 10, 2001 at 3:52 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias Slogans Vol. 1


      Aah, those happy memories of when this forum used to be a lively and fruitful place to post. Those were the days....

Here are some of the wonderful slogans we thought up for Afilias. Some were by me, most of them were by other people. But they made me laugh:

-Have you lost your na-na-name? (Renault Clio)
-Just steal it! (Nike)
-As clear as your conscience (Smirnoff Ice (exact quote))
-Lightening the Fraud (Safeways)
-Permanently Low Ethics - Forever! (ASDA)
-Tomorrow's Clueless (UK Digital Radio)
-Your next mistake on the Net (Hiltonian Media)
-Be the Worst (British TA)
-The webs favourite fraudster (Ryanair)
-Have you pre-registered a name today (apologies to McDonalds)
-Crooks inside (apologies to Intel)
-We love to lie and it shows (apologies to Delta Airlines)
-Fraudsters wanted (apologies to VolksWagon)
-Nothing comes between me and my Sunrise domains (apologies to Calvin Klein)
-Have it our way (apologies to Burger King)
-Steal all that you can steal (the US army)
-If it's got to be delayed, it's got to be Afilias (Tide)
-Launch date is a time to believe in things you can't see (3M)
-There's a delay in every Afilias deadline (Hershey's)
-We bring late things to life (General Electric)
-Silence, don't launch a domain without it (American Express)
-Have a break, have an Afilias-delay (Kit Kat)
-Why Should Hal Get All The Good Names (Jell-O)
-We Do fiacos BIG (KFC)
-Getting You in BIG Messes (Scots Towels)
-A 15 day wait could earn you 15% or more on credit card interest (GEICO)
-Take a bite out of your-savings (....) 

.INFO ... Where the World Goes to wait
.INFO ... Where the World Goes for nothing
.INFO ... Where the World Goes for ambiguity
.INFO ... Where the world goes for... wait, will anyone actually go there?
.INFO ... Where the World Goes for Lottery
.INFO ... Where the World Goes for False Sunrise
.INFO ... Where the World Goes to be Defrauded
.INFO ... Where the World Goes for Procrastination

Richard Hilton
Hiltonian Media
Link: Hiltonian Media

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