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Username: InterNetAdvocate
Date/Time: Wed, December 12, 2001 at 10:07 AM GMT (Wed, December 12, 2001 at 3:07 AM PDT)
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Subject: Antipodes's lefty liberal twisting of the facts again.


"At the time of the outbreak of WW2,(the rest of the world's WW2 started in 1939) the American economy was a basket case."

Malarkey.  Here's the truth: The rest of the world was a basket case economically.  America was on the way to recovery.

"Roosevelt could see the economic benefits to the US in agreeing to Churchill's repeated pleas to join what had been until then a  Commonwealth and Russian stand against Germany, Italy and Japan. However the US President felt that given America's domestic problems, the American people would not accept a declaration of war, unless America was attacked, so delayed its entry, as it had done in WW1."

More Malarkey.  Here's the truth: Americans opposed entry in WW1 and WW2 because of their isolationist reverence of George Washington's isolationist comments in his Farewell Address of 1797 at the end of his presidency.  Roosevelt disrespected two of Washington's traditions: two-term presidential limit and isolation from Europe's problems.

"You may not like the idea, but America had its own May 1989, Tiananmen Square style uprising in the 1930s when US troops under Generals MacArthur and Eisenhower cleared homeless and starving, protesting squatters from the parks of Washington with tanks."

The tanks did not roll over the demonstrators.  They cleared the parks to prevent rioting, not to quell peaceful dissent.  There is a difference.

"Harry Truman hastened the end of the war with Japan with the help of the best physics brains assembled from around the world."

They were German and American citizens, not exactly citizens of countries from around the world.

"It was in no one's best interest, least of all the US, to have Germany (and the rest of Europe) and Japan a smouldering ruin."

Yes it was. That would have meant zero competition from them.

"Truman got his can do General George Marshall to get the European Recovery Plan underway with 'aid' that both the allies and the former enemies repaid with interest."

And America cancelled much of that debt.

"As a result of its WW2 involvement, the US enjoyed unprecedented economic growth and wealth in the 1950s while the former enemies paid war reparations and the allies paid war debts to the US while enduring food shortages into the late 50s."

The economic growth in the 1950's was due to low taxes and low regulations.  Ditto for the 1980's.

"America's short version of WW2 was the making of America, and those with brains and a little history knowledge will never say any thing different.  As you are prone to saying - this is a fact!"

Lies again.  Here is the truth: Freedom and low taxes are the making of America.

"As to whether the world owes the US gratitude for the way in which the Internet is currently being administered by ICANN, a California incorporated company as you point out - why don't you ask the posters here whether they think it is another American triumph?"

I never said that, but you always twist the words of those you disagree with.

"Your patriotism is laudable IA, but it is attitudes like yours and your lack of understanding of the broader world that makes America and Americans the targets of derision and sometimes dreadful hostility."

I have more understanding of world history than you do.

"My first Christmas gift to you IA is the advice - to choose your examples well and to be a little modest."

Hypocrite, follow your own advice, for once.

IntemetAdvocate is _not_ InternetAdvocate. [Note that m looks like rn in Intemet.]  This warning is needed, due to a fraudulent poser IntemetAdvocate using my name in the Real Name field and trying to pose as me InternetAdvocate.

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