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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Wed, December 12, 2001 at 11:24 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: IA - you're not qualified to correct any one on this forum


from what I have seen of your posts.

If I ever got your praise - I would want to wash afterwards.

You are prepared to post anything to get attention and you are nothing but a disingenuous slime.

You are despicable - wimpering and name calling when other posters can take no more of your foolishness and rudeness - then you go simpering to others who you think will not have been offended and bored by your need to appear to be an authority on every damn thing.

I saw your little temper tantrum yesterday - how many times did you post the same flame before you deleted - twenty?  Oo boy, you were mad - but I suspect you have been mad all along.

Don't worry IA, you are dumb but a ton of fun, and I will keep playing rope a dope with you until you get a job, get real, get a life, or get off this forum.      


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