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Username: spot
Date/Time: Thu, December 13, 2001 at 5:13 PM GMT
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Subject: An end to these worthless posts


Why do you think it's OK to keep posting messages up about yourself?
This forum is for discussion about new gTLD agreements, not about whether InternetAdvocate is right or wrong about this and that.

For a some time half the messages here have been of little worth. We had Jim Fleming's bollocks for several weeks, and more recently InternetAdvocate v a bunch of other people, including at times myself. When I was posting up messages taking the piss out of you, it was half in jest, because I really believed some of your ideas were laughable and I also found the dialogue exchanged amusing. But a joke is a joke, and it ceases to be funny after a while.

The forum has taken a different tone lately, and some of the others have expressed annoyance about these matters. So I decided to refrain from giving my opinion to some of your ideas recently to not be part of a source of annoyance for others.

You however persist in posting up worthless messages. (I'm not attacking you here- I admit that when I posted up messages slagging you off, they were worthless too). It is incredibly egotistical to think that it is OK to start off new threads defending what someone has said about you. Everyone else has to put up with all these threads, which have no relevance to their lives, and just clutter up the forum.

Many in this forum also believe very strongly and passionately about the issues that are relevant here and it must be very frustrating for them to have to sift through all this crap. It is no different to receiving lots of email spam.

So why don't you ignore people slagging you off, and cease to give them reason to slag you off.

Let's keep some intelligence in this forum.

Merry Christmas - I mean that.  

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