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Username: EasyTech
Date/Time: Fri, December 14, 2001 at 8:20 PM GMT (Fri, December 14, 2001 at 9:20 PM CET)
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Subject: I care


'One thing I notice is the lack of activity from posters, from industry watchers, and from ICANN, since the .INFO/.BIZ rollouts.  Looks like few care about the other remaining new TLDs.' 
--> other new TLDs are not good for speculation

'All the losing applicants, back in Nov 2000, are just that ... losing applicants.  It's a done deal, folks.  It'll take years before ICANN ushers in a new gTLD.  Is the ARNI version of .BIZ still around?  Have they been destroyed by ICANN's collision?   Looks like few even care.' 
--> The collission is no theme today because 99% of the .info and .biz aren't until now. Watch the counter on and and see how less visits these high profile names get. (The counter counts visitors of both sites and many other high profile names together.)
My from is still around. In the USG root the URL is:
see whois record:

'What about .WEB?  Looks like few care.  Those few will probably respond to this post, yet they remain but only a few ...'
--> I'm no .WEB speculator and will never be one. It's a beautiful TLD but without a chance to become globally recognized with or without ICANN.
Moreover .WEB as a TLD is not up to date. Remember all new TLDs have a special meaning and stand for a special segment (info for information, biz for business,...). All new TLDs should help to categorize content. But .WEB stands for the WEB/Internet. You can't segment/categorize content with that.

'  Who cares anymore ... well, maybe a few of their fan club will respond to this post, yet they also remain only a few.'
--> I care about As you stated above ICANN won't introduce new TLDs anytime soon. Therefore has any time to expand its visibility. Until now domains could be accessed in the short form by 75 mil users. In March 01 it were only 16 mil users. predicts that they will have 200 mil users with access to the short version of their domains by mid 2002 and has ever over-achieved their goals so far. You see is on the way to global visibility without ICANN. Maybe not 100% visibility, but 85 to 95% in the long run (2-3 years). is nothing for short-term speculators, you have to have patience.

Invest and don't speculate.

Link: whois for

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