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Username: Proof Of Concept
Date/Time: Mon, December 17, 2001 at 11:25 AM GMT
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Subject: To coin a phrase - "The Y2K principle" ...


      The Y2K Principle - "the fewer the people who accurately understand the field, the greater the corruption(/waste/lies/panic-mongering...)".

      The AUDA decision doesn't reflect as much on ICANN as on the fact that there are many little "baby ICANNs" around the world.

      Its almost inevitable that - in any country - the potent mix of potential profits and a general lack of public awareness will lead to similar scenarios.

      As regards spot's "The only time I have ever seen such open bare faced corruption is in the politics of some 3rd world countries." --- you ought to look around a bit more! (By the way, many of the countries you call "third world" would resent that title : eg. in Malaysia "World Corruption Champion of the Decade" 1970,1980,1990,2000, they hate being called third-world).

P.O. Concept


Link: AUDA Site (Corruptus Australis)

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