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Username: Ron_Bennett
Date/Time: Mon, December 17, 2001 at 8:17 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Did more reading - NeuLevel has returned the applications back to their originating BIZ registrars


From further particular:

Question #5
"What is NeuLevel doing with the affected .BIZ domain name applications that were originally submitted to NeuLevel by the registrars?"

"NeuLevel is returning all of the affected .BIZ domain name applications to the particular .BIZ accredited registrar that submitted the application. If you submitted such an application, please contact the registrar with which you submitted the application for more information."
And then there's this...

Question #7
"I already applied once for an Affected Name. Do I really have to apply again for the same name?"

"Yes. NeuLevel is returning all of the pre-launch applications for the affected domain names that it received. In order to have an application re-considered, you must reapply for the same name."

So it now certainly appears that NeuLevel has tossed the applications back and for all intensive purposes passing the buck (literally) back to their registrars - and the key words are "Yes" and "reapply" in question #7. NeuLevel has not simply rejected the applications, but rather has refused to even look at them and furthermore NeuLevel has acknowledged that the applications were possibly illegal; and in any event, the applications weren't even considered valid applications and thus the services many people, including myself, paid for was never rendered.

I expect the "smart" .BIZ registrars will refund all monies paid for such applications upon request - failure to do so will cost them much bad publicity, cost them much in chargebacks, and possibly even legal action with registrants.

In short, I'm not worried about getting a refund...only question now is will my registrar (Doster) refund the money or will it take a chargeback or worse :-(


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