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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Tue, December 18, 2001 at 7:57 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Propaganda and the value of words


You have to look through all the bull* and side issues. My aim is to make people aware of what the authorities are up to. I do not have type domains that I wish to blackmail companies into paying for.

Words are precious - which is why nobody should have control of them.

The Americans truly understand this, with the First Amendment.

As soon as the authorities put limits on what words you can use - they abuse your basic human rights.

Can everybody see that?

As for their propaganda:

When making statement they are *** protecting intellectual property *** - they are saying that anybody against them is for stealing intellectual property.

When in actual fact the opposite is true - the authorities steal from us.

They are the thieves - they steal our right to use words.

Big Business can steal them later on with UDRP or even get first pick with Sunrise Period. This is in an open environment - a gTLD for heavens sake.

If the authorities put as much effort into protecting our children on the Internet - as they do for corporate trademarks - many of those problems would be sorted by now.


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