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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Thu, December 20, 2001 at 9:45 AM GMT
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Subject: Why would the US government want ICANN to behave any different?


>> I think the US Congress owes it to the Internet community, who have paid such a high price for involvement in the launches of the new TLDs, to remove those in ICANN who have been responsibly for these sorry events, and to ensure the integrity of a newly constituted ICANN through the representation which favours users rather than providers.

I agree. However I keep coming to the conclusion that governments have their own agenda and do as they please. OK, they have to react carefully on issues that are on the minds of most of the voters (if they want to get voted in again), but for technical issues that most people are not aware of, they are not interested in 'doing the right thing'.

Since ICANN has such tremendous responsibiliy over the entire Internet, I imagine the DoC has very strong reasons for making sure it is not and never will be transparent or accountable. To do so would reduce their own hold on it. At the moment they decide the rules for the whole world's online community.

The days when governments acted in the best interests of the people who put them there, are long gone. These days it's all a games of lies and corruption.

I have no doubt that both the UK government and the US government have little regard for their people. Politicians are individuals who are motivated by power. Their main drive is not to utilise all the resources available to them to maximise the benefit to the public. No, their main drive is their own career, and the backward handshaking that is going on behind the scenes. They have had to stamp on hundreds of heads and pull thousands of dirty tricks to get to the prominent positions they are in.

To get back to what you were saying, I don't the US government cares at all about the ICANN/ Afilias culture. It's not part of their own agenda. I am convinced the DoC has very strong reasons for making sure it is not transparent or accountable.

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