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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Thu, December 20, 2001 at 9:59 AM GMT
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Subject: Vera, I can't see how we can have both.  I think the


original Landrushers should get what we paid for - the chance to win the names that Afilias took from the prize pool when they processed fraudulent Sunrise applications.

The only equitable solution is to run a Landrush 2 with only those preregistrations in place at the time that Landrush 1 began.

There should be no resale of the fraudulently registered names so there is no expansion of the number of preregistrants.

If an equitable solution is not possible, the next best thing is a refund of the Landrush preregistration fees for names that were removed from the lottery due to the lame Afilias and ICANN approved "after the event" IP protection and anti-cybersquatting policy.

If the equitable solution or the refund are not achieved and Afilias and ICANN take the .info launch travesty into another chapter with a resale of the original Landrush names, then a Congressional Inquiry is called for and the principals of Afilias and ICANN should face the courts.

I feel that should Afilias announce that successfully challenged Sunrise names are to be resold to the public, we have further confirmation of my opinion that a culture of corruption has developed and goes unchecked under the current ICANN administration.

I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and great times in the new year with your new .info domains.

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