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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Thu, December 20, 2001 at 12:21 AM GMT
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Subject: Spot, I am just as cynical as you. Governments rarely


lead, preferring instead to be led by public opinion or dragged screaming into change after public action as we see at this forum.

I am convinced that the .info Landrushers have been and will be thoroughly f*ucked over with the remaining chapters of the Afilias .info launch.

I am just as convinced that members of this forum can be a part of the change process needed to re-establish public confidence and trust in the DNS regularity authority and those who operate domain name businesses so there are safeguards established against a repetition of what we have been through with the new TLD launches.

In the main the media is lazy and with so many competing stories it is hard to get the press that most of us at the forum think that the maladministration of the DNS deserves.

Richard is hatching a plan that should grab some influential people by the balls, which looks to me to be the best way to focus their concentration on our concerns.

I endorse Richard's plan and have pledged my support to it.  I hope that you will support it too.



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