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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Fri, December 21, 2001 at 2:08 AM GMT
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Subject: Thanks for feedback. Excluding new applicants from LR II?


A. On the one end of the spectrum, there is no question that the way to most fully restore what was taken from LR I pre-registrants is to exclude any new applicants from LR II.

B. On the other end of the spectrum, a LR II or auction that gives LR I pre-registrants no standing at all does nothing to restore what was taken from them.

There is a chance that Afilias (and ICANN and registrars) will do jolly well whatever they wish... which could well be (B)... especially since I have not seen any substantive action that they must heed that   would make or encourage them to do otherwise.  Under such circumstances, I think that there is virtually no chance of (A), but there might possibly be a chance of a compromise which gives some standing to LR I folks but does not exclude new folks from LR II.   One provision in my proposal which helps LR I folks in this respect is the requirement that registrars who had only one submission per name on their list for LR I stick with that for LR II.  This would help to protect LR I pre-registrants from wholesale dilution of their chances.

I also wish that Afilias had implemented the domebase solution before LR I.  It would have been much easier to do back then... but here we are.  If Afilias wants to try to redeem some of the bad stuff from the Sunrise (and I believe that their recent changes were a step in this direction) then I want them to have a do-able proposal to consider.

Just my two cents.  Thanks for the feedback.



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