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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, December 21, 2001 at 5:08 AM GMT
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Subject: Equitable Solution Vs GOLD RUSH  - Bob, I would love to be


proven wrong, but I don't think equitable solutions figure in the thinking of the Afilias executive, nor do Afilias's actions and their outcomes concern the influential members of the current ICANN executive.  (It would help of course if ICANN didn't have a six month embargo on making public any action it has taken againt a registry or accredited registrar - I believe this is their policy.)

My guess is that all of Afilias's registrars and their affiliates have already prepared their .info Gold Rush web pages and once the Sunrise challenge outcomes are known, all the regular suspects and perhaps a few we didn't know existed will spam the daylights out of us for around 10 weeks in the lead up to a draw for names - telling us that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure the names we have always dreamed of, but never had a chance to get as the best names in the .com space were taken by those who recognized the opportunity, way back when the name space was new.

I think it will be a case of Afilias confirming that .info Landrush applicant's preregistrations are down the pan as Gold Rushers are exhorted to grab their Gold Rush pans - for once and once only, never to be repeated, your grandchildren will thank you, chance to strike GOLD.

I would love to be wrong but I will be very surprised if the Afilias resale of .info Sunrise names doesn't confirm that buddies of ICANN can pretty much do as they like.

That we are even contemplating a resale of Sunrise names should be enough for a shakeout of the current ICANN and Afilias executive.

Merry Christmas Bob - hope the new year brings us more joy than this one.


John (handle change only due to hijack of antipodes)


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