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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Fri, December 21, 2001 at 9:36 AM GMT
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Subject: Culture of honesty, transparency and EXPOSURE...



Now could one or two of you please get hold of the domestic home addresses of Roland LaPlante, Hal Lubsen, Govinda Leopold, Vint Cerf, Stuart Lynn, Fred Upton, Cliff Stearns, Edward Markey, John Dingell, Billy Tauzin and the inaccessible Evans - and please privately e-mail me via my Yahoo at: - please don't post the addresses on this forum.


Honesty - transparency - public accountability

Time for their families and neighbours to find out what they are presiding over

Christmas Quiz Question 1:
Um, Hal, why did your company charge William Lorenz around $13000 to get his Sunrise names registered when they were wholly ineligible? And as CEO of Afilias, can you tell me why Afilias registered nearly 100 names with "NONE" in all the vital data columns?
Why charge so much money for something that transparently has to fail and be challenged?
And why are you now challenging names which your own company charged to get registered? You're challenging your OWN work!!!
And why didn't you simply delete all these names, when Lorenz asked 23 times for the "phoney" names to be deleted?


Abysmal, humiliating, crass!!!

But, as this thread has correctly identified, there are others in positions of responsibility further up the command chain who could have intervened AT ANY TIME

Shame you didn't - you've had plenty of time       


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