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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, December 21, 2001 at 7:05 PM GMT
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Subject: wait a minute - have I missed something here - has WIPO been



processing Afilias .info Sunrise challenges and not bothering to check whether challengers hold a qualifying TM? - what sort of cowboy outfit is this? - what sort of cowboy challenge process is this? - what else should we have expected from Afilias!!

So, whether or not there are bona fide TM holders in the challenge queue for a particular name, the first challenger can be successful without a TM and TM holders have to challenge again?  Tell me this isn't true!!

My god, this is Sunrise revisited - supposedly about protecting IP rights - but in practice, nothing but a sham.

I think the time is right for Richard's plan - take those responsible by the balls, and see if their hearts and minds follow.

extracted from Sanjeev's post at referred to above
Contributed by SanjeevGoyal at

W.I.P.O. has released the list of successful .info trademark challengers. To my surprise, WIPO has not been verifying trademark registrations with the appropriate country; the majority of challenges are false claims. Mr. Jeffrey E. Kubiak has successfully challenged (15) domains including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   


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