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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Sat, December 22, 2001 at 5:14 AM GMT
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Subject: Merry Christmas Antipodes/pathy


        Generally I think one has a greater chance of changing behavior (by
individuals, corporations, etc) with both a carrot (offering the possibility of constructive action and positive words for positive behavior) and a stick (offering the  possibility of negative action and words for negative behavior)... than by either alone... even if one has a pessimistic view of the chances of positive behavior. We
shall see. 

Hey... I just thought of an seasonal analogy!  Of the three spirits that visited Scrooge to try to get him to change his ways... some offered positive results for good behavior and some threatened bad results for continued bad behavior.  The combination seemed to have worked on Scrooge's cold, profit-maximizing heart... and the "Christmas Carol" has a happy ending.  Hmm... maybe there is a ghost of the .info LandRush past... a ghost of the present... and a ghost of the .info LandRush II future?  Maybe folks will change their ways to redeem past injustice?  If they do not change things, then they might wind up in a cold future? If they do change things, then perhaps Tiny "Landrush Participant" Tim might live afterall.  We shall see...

Merry Christmas to you John!  And a blessed festival of lights to those readers who are Jewish, and a blessed feast to those who are Muslim, and a good Duwali(?) to those who are Hindu!  And to those who are agnostics, have a good time and keep searching!

-- Bob     



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