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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sat, December 22, 2001 at 12:29 AM GMT
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Subject: if ICANN is currently acting out of sight of the public, in


the best interests of clients of registrars and registries such as Afilias and Neulevel, then please ICANN, keep us regularly updated as to what is going on, rather than behaving like an embattled Afilias, hunkered or bunkered down.

As the US Congress appointed regulator of the DNS, I think ICANN owes it to the Internet community to have open communication channels and be providing the general public with timely answers to questions on matters of great concern to them, or provide assurances or clarification when it is apparent that public concerns are unfounded.

As matters stand at the moment in the wake of the events of the Afilias .info and the Neulevel .biz launches, the silence of ICANN can easily appear to the public as indifference or negligence.

As it now appears that the normal communication modes and common courtesy will not elicit information from ICANN et al, it is time to make very public the roles of the major players and those who supposedly oversee their performance.


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