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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Tue, December 25, 2001 at 7:58 PM GMT
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Subject: Sorry - I do not believe Afilias


Afilias (if it was them) call Richard (Henderson) - Mr. Anderson !

Richard is likely one of the biggest thorns in their side and they cannot even get his name right.

With the Sunrise and Landush fiasco - are they trying to look TOTALLY INCOMPETENT.

NOBODY that stupid, at this level, should be in this business.

Sorry - I do not believe Afilias. I believe the clever way they went about things prove that this was planned to maximise profits - not moronic stupidity.

You are welcome to give your own logical analysis of how a I.T. business could make errors that a trainee programmer would not. And explain all the other 'mistakes'.

You say to Richard, "in your zeal, lost objectivity and therefore credibility with many like myself and probably Afilias also."

Even if he is zealous (like the UK MP watchdog that lost her job) - he has lost no credibility with me.

Most of these domains, on the face of it, are fraudulant. With Afilias involvement, I guess Richard made his own analysis - came to believe the same as me - Afilias are in this up to their necks.


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