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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, December 26, 2001 at 7:00 PM GMT
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Subject: the was speculation proof when I bought my first


domain. I am sadened to see what has happened to it.  I am more concerned now that I am aware of Afilias's involvement.

If the Internet community had a fair dinkum Internet regulator, Afilias would most likely have lost its licence to operate the .info registry once the scale of the .info Sunrise TM fraud and the personal TM fraud of Afilias directors became public all those months ago.

That Afilias has been allowed to retain the .info registry licence and is now spreading its wings, despite the abomination it contrived out of the .info launch, is evidence I believe of the corrupt domain name business culture being presided over by the influential members of the ICANN Board.

I won't be going anywhere near the auction of the generics.

One will get you ten, that all the registrar and affiliate scams we saw in the .info launch will be wheeled out again for the new suckers that Afilias hopes will fall for its hoopla preceeding the Landrush.

The Internet community will remain at risk as long as the influential members of the notional DNS regulatory authority apparently conduct the business of ICANN in such a way as to advance their own self interest - for example - the awarding of the the best of the new gTLDs, the .info registry, to a consortium of 16 existing registrars and ICANN executives which make up Afilias Ltd., then turning a blind eye to the excesses of the .info Sunrise which included at least two Afilias Directors cybersquatting and 10,000 fraudulent registrations due to a half-arsed "after the event" anti-cybersquatting/IP protection policy.  



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