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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Wed, December 26, 2001 at 9:18 PM GMT
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Subject: Publicising the truth


It goes without saying that these websites will be publicised in all quarters of the domain industry, in all corners of the American political spectrum, and every branch of the media.

The websites will deal with fact, not "spin", and will simply offer "openness and transparency" to processes that have seriously lacked openness and transparency.

The only people who should dislike this publicity will be those who have anything to hide.

I have felt pushed to this action by the failure of Vint Cerf and Hal Lubsen to respond in detail and in openness to the very serious matters of concern that have been repeatedly raised on this forum and others.

Once these matters have been dealt with, openly and decently, I fully intend to hand the domain names over to the people whose names are being publicised, free of charge.

I take the view that when people have been defrauded of millions of dollars there is NO place for evasion and silence, and a total need for full and detailed explanation and dialogue, especially from those agencies - like ICANN and the DOC Subcommittee - who have been vested with responsibilities and who have presided over the shambles that has caused so many people to be defrauded.

There are hard and detailed questions to be answered.

No-one can object to the questions being posed, unless they have something to hide.

No-one can object to openness and transparency, and the high-profile publicity that can accompany it, if they feel they can hold their heads up high...

People like Afilias Director Robert Connelly can do just that... he admitted the Company had perpetrated an "abomination" and washed his hands of it... he can hold his head up high...

Can Hal? Can Vint? Can Fred Upton?       


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