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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Thu, December 27, 2001 at 1:57 PM GMT
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Subject: No, not flawed logic


I'm aware of this 'line of defence' for Siegried Langenbach and, and I'm happy for their names to be challenged, if necessary, in the normal way. Nevertheless, firstly Mr Langenbach has registered IN HIS NAME a high number of valuable generics - which in itself fails to protect the large number of customers who may have been defrauded as a result of his action. Secondly, he has had time to make a personal statement or declaration of intent to request all these domains "in his name" deleted (which is his right and duty if they are registered in his name and he believes them to be fake). Thirdly the actions of Mr Langenbach and his company in submitting all these generics (some if not all of which have been shown to be fake) appears to many to be unacceptable, because of his complicity in a process which has resulted in the defrauding of others.

The bottom line is that Mr Langenbach has been caught out registering domains with fake data in his name, and I see no statements or actions of contrition or renunciation.

Like several other registrars, (or Mr Langenbach) has been submitting fake data, and as far as I know he has taken the money for this.

The consumer has lost out, and yet is expected to trust registrars like Joker and Yesnic. That's unacceptable.

I don't think that is flawed logic.

I think that is a fraud and it needs action, clear statements, and not the evasion and spin we have been given instead.

I am prepared to accept that some of the names may be honest and eligible. I strongly believe that many are not. The process exists now for Mr Langenbach to request these names (in HIS name) deleted : will he do that?

And even if he does, that will not restore the loss sustained by pre-registrants all over the world.

The main point is the bigger picture - we can argue over the specifics of scale in Mr Langenbach's case - but the bigger picture is one of fraud and deception, and a failure of Afilias and ICANN to protect the consumer. The financial loss to consumers has been huge. Instead of taking action against 'rogue' registrars, Afilias members have actually contributed to the loss and deception, as has clearly been cited in this forum and others.       


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