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Username: vera-city
Date/Time: Fri, December 28, 2001 at 3:54 AM GMT
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Subject: Suggestion:    Wanted: a good dose of public relations damage control.


   A belated message is a start, however if a business wants to be a world class act then they should act like a world class act and that means immediately: apologizing for what has occurred, fixing what is wrong and returning any monies it may have gotten from mistakes, if any. In short they have to act responsibly, ethically and honorably, and that perhaps goes farther than just meeting legal requirements. They should not act petty and vindictive. They may want to answer questions, even tough questions. They may want to clean house, if appropriate. Some of this might not be easy, and they might have to bite the bullet near term, however, long term this should prove to be the correct path to follow. If some criticism appears to be accurate and constructive and it should have been, and continue to be welcomed, not derided or ignored. The above message is meant to apply to business in general and is not meant to be reflective of any particular situation.


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