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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sat, December 29, 2001 at 6:02 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias has treated its customers with contempt - from the


minute ICANN approved a Registry Agreement with an "after the event" IP rights and customer protection policy.

Afilias customers were advised by registrars to cheat in the Sunrise as most registrars and the registry would be looking the other way.  You could even submit a Lorenz style application - state you have no TM - and the registrar and the registry Afilias would still take your money and process your application.  Never mind - or may be just forget - the Landrush applicants who spent millions in the preceeding months on their preregistrations for the names taken by the Sunrise cheats.

While Lorenz tried to cancel his Sunrise registrations, the registry and some of its registrars go cybersquatting with faked TM details in their applications.

We are now advised that in addition to the Landrush applicants losing their money, Sunrise cheats will lose their registrations and their money - and what's happening today - word is that the challenged names are back on the market and being registered anew - while the Afilias whois remains inaccessable for more than 12 hours.

Given the form of those who control Afilias, my guess is that the best of the challenged names will go to a new bunch of cheats.  I hope that I am wrong.

That five months have past since the fiasco of the .info Sunrise and the Landrushers stil have no advice from Afilias as to whether or not they will have standing in a Landrush 2 is evidence I believe of the contemptible way that Afilias has treated its customers and the corrupt culture in which Afilias operates.

If what EasyTech is true and the challenged names are already finding new owners - then now more evidence is needed for Afilias to have its Registry Agreement withdrawn and for the responsible executives of the deaf, dumb and blind watchdog ICANN to be immediately removed.

Looks to me that the current administration of ICANN and the likes of Afilias are giving the Internet a bad name.      


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