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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, December 29, 2001 at 9:25 AM GMT
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Subject: What Afilias told me yesterday


I was on the phone to Ram Mohan at Afilias yesterday - he's the guy who's overseeing the Challenge of the remaining names.

He has asked me to e-mail him the hundreds of messages I've received from all over the world, citing suspect Sunrise names. His team are sifting through all these and, presumably, compiling their own lists from various other kinds of research.

They are also looking very closely at US Trademark details, even if they are not immediately facially invalid.

He also mentioned that his team were grateful for the list of worldwide Trademark websites, which were posted on this forum recently.

Since I have only just started forwarding all my e-mails and data, and from the gist of what Ram was saying to me, I form the impression that Afilias are some way from announcing details of who is going to be challenged. The request for my information, for example, was only e-mailed to me yesterday.

It appears that a certain amount of scrutiny is being put into this process (why not, of course, since Afilias and registrars stand to gain by it) but I remain sceptical about the likelihood of uncovering many foreign or "veiled" US applications. I also remain totally sceptical of any "special deal" for "Landrush 1 pre-registration customers". I would say that is completely off the cards, except on an individual registrar basis, if you get a particularly scrupulous registrar like RegistrationTek who said they would honour the place in the queue of Landrush pre-registrants.

Anyway, the fact remains that all this research into fakes could easily have been carried out in this way, if the Domebase solution had been implemented, and that would have safeguarded the investment of time and money made by the original Landrush customers.

The Domebase solution would have protected everyone except the Sunrise Frauds... Afilias has never explained why it would not implement it.

Nor has it explained why its executives were allowed to profit from submitting over half the frauds themselves, or why facially invalid applications (including Govinda Leopold's) were not simply deleted in time for the Landrush.      


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