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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sat, December 29, 2001 at 9:42 AM GMT
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Subject: the Afilias .info launch seems to have made public the fact


that some registrars have the business acumen and public relations skills of junkyard dogs.

It is apparent that anyone with the money can become a registrar and woe betide the Internet community and their credit cards.

ICANN reps say - we don't think more regulation is the answer, leave it to the market to sort out the shonks - without reference to the individual and collective costs to consumers/customers who make up the Internet community.

As long as the supposed DNS regulator behaves (hear no complaints, see (read) no complaints) as though a club for registries and registrars - then the interests of the general public will remain at risk.

If the performance of Afilias and many of its approved registrars is the best we can expect from the current DNS regulator, then now is the time for the DoC and Congress to call for, no demand, the resignation of those in ICANN responsible for the Afilias fiasco and replace them with people who will administer the DNS for the benefit of the broad Internet community, rather than as is currently evident - for their own self interest. 



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