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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, December 29, 2001 at 8:51 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: No truce with Afilias


You're right : Ram Mohan DOES come across as a straight, decent guy. I'm happy to collaborate with him, because it is in the interests of the consumer to hunt down as many Sunrise fraudsters as possible.

However, I have made it clear to Ram that this co-operation needs to be kept separate from my ongoing criticisms of other people in his company. My fundamental disgust at the way Hal Lubsen has failed to explain his own company's profiteering at the expense of consumers is only matched by my astonishment that FIVE months after Afilias Director Govinda Leopold's company acquired HAWAII.INFO and MAUI.INFO with fake Trademark details (and repeated the alleged "mistake" three weeks after admitting it was a "mistake" with GOVINDA.INFO) these names have STILL not been deleted and made available to the Internet public.

I am also appalled that between Hal Lubsen's company and Speednames (represented on the Board of Afilias) over half the total Sunrise frauds were submitted. In short, the Afilias CEO and an Afilias Director have to account for MOST of the Sunrise abuse that took place, with facially ineligible data, which they were prepared to support in return for payment to their companies in the region of $513,000.

All this in the context of millions of dollars lost by honest Landrush customers who trusted Afilias and trusted their accredited registrars.

Yes, I am happy for Afilias to have my information in order to hunt down more fraudsters.

No, I do not have any confidence in Afilias.

And ICANN appear to have presided over this, with ZERO help for the consumer from DoC either.        


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