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Username: SanjeevGoyal
Date/Time: Sun, December 30, 2001 at 5:12 AM GMT (Sun, December 30, 2001 at 10:42 AM IST)
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Subject:> Threats


      Dear Friends,

Since I challenged the domain "" and won, I for myself and my client has got lot of threatening mail in this regard that we will sue you for that much amount or we will do this or that ?  .

As am regularly writing on this board and also on ICANNWATCH and I have got lot of good friends from this board but I have never seen the greed for the domains like this, people go up to that extent I was not knowing ?.

As far as my clients are concern I challenged lot of domains for them (In sunrise as well as in UDRP) and that after taking and confirming their TM papers. ICANN policies are always my subject of concern and research.

And I always insist my clients with valid TM to file challenges and get the domain. In the case of sunrise challenges I help them to go through WIPO process.

On domain I have got lot of challenges in last two days of end period. and one challenge I got even after expiring the time of sunrise challenge, And to my surprise none of these challenges are well made only few lines, no proof of their mark or any proof that my TM is wrong ? I donot know why they waste their money ? If they want to file they should file with proper guidance and procedure? some file challenge with threats only. GREAT.

I have left all these challenges to settle by WIPO but we took the Threatening Emails very well and forwarded to appropriate authorities to track down the culprits, we are also working with our law enforcing authorities to track the culprits.

Hope all the fellow members in this board will support me in this mission to track down the culprits who sends the threatening mails.


Sanjeev Goyal.

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