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Username: spot2
Date/Time: Sun, December 30, 2001 at 12:23 AM GMT
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Subject: This is to be expected


Many people including myself are not convinced parties with trademarks should take priority in domain acquisition over anyone else.

This would only be fair if those parties were forced to use the domain for a site about the specific entity upon which the trademark is registered, and even then there are many other factors to consider.

Even so, for what was the trademark registered to take Must have been in some obscure class irrelevant of the word's normal usage.

Does the owner intend to use it specifically for the trademarked entity? If he intends to sell it or use it as a generic to make a directory like he arguably has acted immorally as should have had no advantage over everyone else. It should not be used as a generic if it was acquired under trademark circumstances. This is why sunrise is such a pile of bollocks.

I know lawyers (and many other people) do not care about rights and wrongs. They tend to only care about succeeding in their challenges. But some of us are less willing to sell out on our principles.

As for 'hate mail' and threats, I think that is to be expected in the apalling dog-eat-dog culture that has emerged shattering the dream of a non-political non-corporate online world. But then you can blame lawyers, big business and corrupt governments for that. They thrive in a culture of greed, corruption and intimidation.

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