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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sun, December 30, 2001 at 8:56 PM GMT
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Subject: Country Trademark Law


As new (and old) TLDs has been corruptly linked to Trademark Law - I upload other countries Laws.

I have yet to read anything that contradicts statements that I make on this board, or my site.

However - if somebody can point to anything on these sites that says different… I will eat my hat.

I admire Sanjeev - or any lawyer with the guts to face negative comment. Now I have sweet-talked you Sanjeev - will you be answering the posting below? ;-) I thought trademarks had to be distinctive.

How can a business - in the business of making 'Business Forms', get the trademark of 'business'?
Surely, this is against unfair competition Law?
Another thing - How can they have a hope in hell of stopping other businesses, making business forms, from using their mark?
Can any lawyer explain why some trademarks can be allowed to have priority with their mark over others using same word(s) on the Internet? Please explain why this is not against unfair competition law.

Can any lawyer explain why trademarks should have priority over people for these words? Please explain why this does not abridge peoples right to use these words.

International Trademark Law Algeria Australian Bahrain Belarus China Croatia Cyprus Ecuador Egypt Gaza Germany Hungary India Iran Iraq,25,3,2001.html Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Korea Kuwait Lebanon Libya Lithuania Morocco New Zealand Oman Pakistan Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Sudan Syria Taiwan Tunisia United Arab Emirates United Kingdom West Bank Yemen



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