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Username: rinniv
Date/Time: Tue, January 1, 2002 at 12:25 AM GMT
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Subject: I wholeheartedly agree


      I more than agree. Remember ICANN was established by a law firm for pity's sake, and even now in the words of Karl Auerbach:

"It seems as if ICANN's management is building an expansive empire that will ensure life-time employment for its officers and executives as they oversee the ever-increasing number of employees and the ever larger budgets that will be required to perpetuate ICANN's already entrenched system of nano-management of the Internet's domain name system providers.  Even today ICANN has a manger-to-worker ratio that exceeds the dreams of professional bureaucrats.  And what has ICANN achieved with with the millions that it has already spent?  Not much.  Instead, ICANN has been busy feathering its own nest, and that of the law firm that created ICANN, while the actual stability of the Internet has eroded.  The consumers of domain name services are more at risk today than they were in the days before ICANN."

No wonder Trademark holders were favoured first. It's sickening, and we definitely need a more transparent, government-sanctioned body to overthrow ICANN, but to enact a coup would be pretty damn difficult now because ICANN has got the support of big business (surprise, surprise) and many government officials.


Link: Karl Auerbach's decision diary

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