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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Thu, January 3, 2002 at 7:40 AM GMT
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Subject: the events of the Afilias .info launch are the only evidence


needed to demonstrate the corrupt culture presided over by the notional DNS regulatory authority ICANN.

"Insider" Karl Auerbach, in the quote provided by rinniv, has provided an assessment of the workings of ICANN to match those of "insider" Bob Connely on the workings of Afilias Ltd.

Until the broad Internet community and its best interests are adequately represented on the board of ICANN, there will be no stop to the abuses and excesses that have become - yes - the trademark - of the DNS regulator, the registries and a large proportion of registrars.

The necessary catalyst for the change process has begun - community action or reaction against the evident corruption of ICANN.

I am sure this new year will see the type of thorough and informed analysis by journalist that will be needed to take the change process the next step - the genaral public's awareness of the excesses and abuses of ICANN and the DNS business.

I feel certain that 2002 will see high placed talking heads trying to explain to network cameras how the DoC got it so wrong and how it was possible that those who run ICANN have be permitted to corrupt the public benefit corporation so thoroughly and so quickly.

Richard Henderson has become a prime mover in our community action group and all of us owe it to Richard, to ourselves and to the broader Internet community to support him as best we can.

Happy New Year to all the regular posters and may honesty, decency and the public interest prevail in 2002.




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