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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Thu, January 3, 2002 at 10:32 AM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: I am still waiting for a refund from NameScout from the time


I placed half a dozen orders with different registrars for a special name when the Afilias whois disappeared from our screens for the first time after the start of live registration.

I will of course publically acknowledge NameScout for its ethical business practices once my card has been credited about AUD$95.

If I don't get some satisfaction in the next week from what is the third telephone promise that my card will be credited, I will advise the forum and we can add NameScout to the list of registrars you deal with at your own risk.

Since the first week of real time .info registrations I have been a loyal customer of RegisterFly.  Until then I had been a loyal customer of who although they then had a clunky rego process, they were very competitively priced and very quick and reliable.

Good luck Landrushers - it's time for DNS administration for the broad public good, rather than as is now evident - the self interest of the current ICANN executive and their business associates.

Until the excesses and abuses familiar to the posters become public knowledge and ICANN's political masters feel thay have no alternative but to take action against current ICANN office holders, those in control at ICANN will behave as though a law unto themselves, unaffected by the morals and ethics, mores and laws that temper the behaviour of most of us most of the time, for the public good.

Until the the opinions and best interests of the broad Internet community are represented and heard in appropriate numbers at the highest levels of ICANN, the culture of corruption presided over by the current ICANN administration will continue.

Until there is a shake up and shake out at ICANN, why would anyone with even a small interest in the DNS have trust in those at ICANN who are responsible for the fiascos of the .info and .biz launches, or have confidence when dealing with registries and a large proportion of registrars.        


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