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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, January 4, 2002 at 1:23 AM GMT
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Subject: the .info preregistration period certainly seemed to produce


some pretty inept registrars and affiliates - a number I have noted haven't updated their sites since Sunrise - which seems to confirm the impression I had at the time, that they were only set up to make a killing on preregistrations and not much else.

Had ICANN had been about protecting the interests of the public, it would have been monitoring these businesses and kicking some butt.

Think back to some of the sites you may have visited - do you remember trying to work out just what it was they were offering - exclusive? non-exclusive? - often as not, you couldn't find out until you had paid your money - I always cursed and moved on, making a note not to return, before I parted with any credit card details and money.

Which brings me back to 007Names which appears to have had only one client - MustardSeed Corp whatever.  007names had a site and processes that were guaranteed to deter 999 out of 1000 prospective preregistrants, which I think was their plan.

Again I feel that if ICANN gave a damn for the public, 007Names and MustardSeed would be asked to explain.

Time to shake up and shake out the execs at ICANN who let the con artists thrive during the new TLD launches.

viva la resistance!      


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