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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, January 4, 2002 at 7:59 PM GMT
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Subject: wow - go easy on the lowly Indian stuff - I suspect Sanjeev's


client is a very highly educated and wealthy gentleman or woman, probably got post doc quals in engineering, law and management, but thanks for the movie rating - what 4 stars out of 5?

Technology has never corrupted anyone, however, the opportunities or choices that it may provide will prove too great a temptation for some and corruption will result.

Power and authority, well these are different matters. With the same certainty as the imperfection of humankind, death and taxes - power and authority will corrupt many a good man and woman.

I have been posting recently on the apparently corrupt culture being presided over by those in positions of authority within ICANN, and that ICANN, or at least its senior execs behave as though they are a law unto themselves, unafraid of censure or penalty for their actions or inactions, judged by the posters here, as breaches of the authority and trust vested in them by the US Congress.  A case of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

Seems to me that until the current Lords of the Domains are purged and replaced with individuals capable of resisting the temptation of corrupting the system to serve their own and their associates'interests, the abuses and excesses when have recently witnessed with the introduction of the new gTLDs will continue.

It's time right now to address the imbalance of interests represented on the current ICANN BoD and for the appropriate representation of the interests of the broad Internet community.

Viva la resistance!!


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