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Username: EasyTech2
Date/Time: Sat, January 5, 2002 at 12:43 AM GMT
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Subject: Thanks LegalEagle!...


That's what I think, too. But as you may have recognized English is not my mother tongue and therefore its it's a bit difficult to explain exactly what I think.

'Instead Afilias may evoke its challenge of last resort but as far as I could tell, this only applies for domains registered after December 6, 2001 and the domain would have to be challenged before Afilias unlocks the domain, allowing it to be transferred.'

--> Could you please explain this. What's with December 6, 2001?

July 25 - August 28, 2001 Sunrise Registration Period
August 28 - December 26, 2001 Sunrise challenge period
December 5, 2001 noon (Geneva time CMT +01:00) Revised Sunrise Challenge policy becomes active. Maybe that's the date you mean?

And why should Afilias only challenge domains registered after December 6, 2001? The Sunrise Registration Period began July 25, 2001.
Maybe you wanted to write: "...this only applies for domains registered BEFORE December 6 [or December 5], 2001.."
This would make sense, because in a challenge filed after that date a challenger had to proof his complience with the sunrise registration policy by submitting his TRADEMARK CERTIFICATES to wipo. Therefore such a transfer/registration (because of a challenge filed after December 5./6., 2001) must be in complience with the sunrise registartion policy.

I read that Afilias will only challenge facially invalid registration and that the domains will be choosen mechanically.
Richard Henderson wrote that Ram Mohan from Afilias (the guy who's overseeing the Challenge of the remaining names) 'has asked him to e-mail him the hundreds of messages he has received from all over the world, citing suspect Sunrise names. His team are sifting through all these and, presumably, compiling their own lists from various other kinds of research.
They are also looking very closely at US Trademark details, even if they are not immediately facially invalid.'
Maybe this is again a smoke and mirrors operation from Afilias.


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