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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, January 5, 2002 at 1:24 AM GMT
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Subject: 2 books and a video


Thank you Alex.

But most domains taken by UDRP and bullied from owners are not 'world famous' trademarks like Coca-Cola.

WIPO grabbed from Israel citizen for Japan Tobacco Inc. Why should Japan Tobacco be allowed to have World Rights to the initials 'JT'?

G> Is it not true - using would allow each to be unique and totally distinctive - as the Law requires trademarks to be?

A>Of course it would. But you try telling the marketing executives of Coca-cola that their new domain names should now be coke.everysinglecountryunderthesun.reg instead of a single :)

They could still use for marketing - just redirected to as certificate of authentication.

As to not naming book 'Coca-Cola':

In the first 2 minutes I found these - so likely several more.

Title:                 Coca-Cola
Author:                Gould, William
Publication:           Cherrytree, 1995
ISBN:                  0745151752
Subject:               Coca-Cola Company
Summary note:          Looks at the history, development and operation of the Coca-Cola company
Format:                Hardback

Title:                 Coca-Cola
Author:                Schaeffer, Randy
Publication:           Apple Press, 1995. 128p. ill. 33cm.
ISBN:                  1850765618
Subject:               Coca-Cola. Memorabilia
Summary note:          Overview of the items, both common and rare that are available to novice and advanced collectors
Format:                Hardback

Title:                 Coca Cola kid
Director:              Makavejev, Dusan
Artists:               Scacchi, Greta
Category:              Feature
Certificate:           15
Label:                 Arrow, 1996
Format:                Video

G> The authorities stop even common words.

A> Yes but only when (for the very last time!) the marks themselves are famous trademarks, a test often only really determined in court.

Okay so all these domains taken by WIPO are famous trademarks:

video net, roller blade, best locks, nitro fuel, tonsil, north face, marketing mix, 0xygen, edentist, state-farm, new-gig, video direct, iphones, open mail, traditions, open view, unicode, southern company, pc gateway, ultra pure water, time keeper, click here, current, beauty co, sound-choice, e-auto-parts, eresolution, body and soul, talk about, esquire, office specialists, crew, praline, the total package, faith net, buy PC, home interiors, big dog, euro consult, music web, RANT...etc.

This is the tip of the iceburg - most do not get this far. This is just one 'so-called' arbiter. Taking peoples legal property - I would call WIPO, corrupt thieves.


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