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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, January 5, 2002 at 8:52 PM GMT
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Subject: Domain Names for Famous Marks Only


So books can only be written by the famous and people / small business cannot use what words they wish.

People do make unauthorized books about places, people and businesses you know.

Or is that what they are trying to stop?

The answer to that, we both know, is YES.

Methinks you are intelligent enough to know what I am getting at.

*** Abuse of the Domain Name System - entirely for trademarks. The more famous the better. ***


Have not checked 200+ other countries - just a FEW examples of the mark JT in USA alone:

Serial Number 76326979 G & S: jewelry with or without genuine stones in 14Kt or 18 Kt Gold or Platnium

Serial Number 75645537 G & S: eyewear, namely, sports goggles and sports visors for use in motorcycling, skiing, and paintball games

Serial Number 75101028 G & S: series of fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of topics

Serial Number 74399193 etc. etc.

Incidentally I can just find Japan Tobacco JT logo in STYLIZED FORM ONLY. Serial Number 74800232.

What about all these other JT trademarks in the USA and the rest of world?


I am quite familiar with many of these cases - especially the JT case.

There are thousands of businesses all over the world using the initials JT - is there not?

> WIPO found that the respondent had no legitimate reason for holding the name but for the purpose of "selling it to another person for unjustifiable profit".

The use of the phrase "unjustifiable profit" is prejudiced term, is it not?

Surely, like anywhere else, the market decides?

In fact, by not releasing new TLD, it is ICANN that make artificial scarcity of a virtually limitless resource - domain names.

What is the difference, say, to buying and selling baseball cards, currently at prices up to $1.265 million? (grade 8 Honus Wagner).

So, people cannot store antique cars with a view to "selling it to another person for **justifiable profit"?

They have to drive them?

> I won't go through each of your examples of so-called common words, but ...

They are not 'so-called' common words - they ARE common words.

> That's fine, but it doesn't solve the 'problem' of Coca-Cola preventing others of using the domain name

Nobody can 'pass-off' as - so why is it a 'problem'?

They afraid that somebody might give the opinion that it is tooth rotting liquid?

So Big Business want to stop free speech?

The answer to that, we both know, is YES.


There are other problems that nobody is addressing.

For instance, what about all the similar sounding domains that cause 'consumer confussion' and 'trademark conflict'?

BIG QUESTION - Do you know why the trademark symbol was invented?

We both know, but please answer it anyway.

So then - for that and ALL the other reasons shown on my site, why not a TLD to replace it?

Could it be that I am right - the Domain Name System is being abused for the benefit of Big Business, to the detriment of peoples rights?

Please - Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ;-)


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