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Username: crs
Date/Time: Sat, January 5, 2002 at 11:52 PM GMT
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Subject: seems to be the exception


it's the only one i can see where all the failed challengers are listed (perhaps this only occurs when the initial challenge is dismissed).

DINFO2001-00074-0001 independant brands gmbh Jaime M Cerrato Challenge dismissed
DINFO2001-00074-0002 Joachim Engler, Dieter Fouquet Jaime M Cerrato Challenge dismissed
DINFO2001-00074-0003 Simon Steinle Jaime M Cerrato Challenge dismissed
DINFO2001-00074-0004 Gregory Crane Jamie M. Cerrato Challenge dismissed
DINFO2001-00074-0005 Bjoern Bernard Jaime M Cerrato Challenge dismissed

We can be certain though that Steinle is fiddling things somehow. He's also the owner of and a few months ago in a message board discussion it was clear that he didn't have a trademark on 'sex' and was being challenged for the domain by someone who claimed they did. Yet he challenged for, maybe he had obtained a backdated certificate from his friends in Botswana in the meantime.

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