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Username: crs
Date/Time: Sun, January 6, 2002 at 2:02 AM GMT
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oh yeah so it is, ok then, I think Kubiak must have challenged without giving tm details, yet subsequent challenges were terminated.
Here is the haul so far of Davies and Kubiak

DINFO2001-00337-0001 Jeff Davies A Scott Keating Transfer
DINFO2001-00349-0001 Jeff Davies Almo Roman Drenska Transfer
DINFO2001-00344-0001 Jeff Davies Bob Bernstein Transfer
DINFO2001-00346-0001 Jeff Davies Bryan Higgins Transfer
DINFO2001-00328-0001 Jeff Davies Cass Foster Transfer
DINFO2001-00325-0001 Jeff Davies Chris Myer Transfer
DINFO2001-00341-0001 Jeff Davies Chris Myer Transfer
DINFO2001-00323-0001 Jeff Davies David Singh Transfer
DINFO2001-00332-0001 Jeff Davies David Singh Transfer
DINFO2001-00335-0001 Jeff Davies David Singh Transfer
DINFO2001-00345-0001 Jeff Davies David Singh Transfer
DINFO2001-00343-0001 Jeff Davies Domain Administrator Transfer
DINFO2001-00342-0001 Jeff Davies Francis Corrigan Transfer
DINFO2001-00324-0001 Jeff Davies Harvey Gordon Transfer
DINFO2001-00331-0001 Jeff Davies Kim Transfer
DINFO2001-00326-0001 Jeff Davies Leo Hillock Transfer
DINFO2001-00327-0001 Jeff Davies Michael Griebl Transfer
DINFO2001-00329-0001 Jeff Davies Nicholas C Iles Transfer
DINFO2001-00347-0001 Jeff Davies Organization Transfer
DINFO2001-00348-0001 Jeff Davies Richard Bernstein Transfer
DINFO2001-00338-0001 Jeff Davies Stephen Rumney Transfer
DINFO2001-00339-0001 Jeff Davies Stephen Rumney Transfer
DINFO2001-00340-0001 Jeff Davies Stephen Rumney Transfer
DINFO2001-00085-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Arnold S. Katz Transfer
DINFO2001-00061-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak C. J. Lovik Transfer
DINFO2001-00044-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Cass Foster Transfer
DINFO2001-00048-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Cass Foster Transfer
DINFO2001-00055-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Communigal Communication Ltd. Transfer
DINFO2001-00080-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Damian Broadley Transfer
DINFO2001-00038-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak David Singh Transfer
DINFO2001-00012-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Haile Andarge Transfer
DINFO2001-00035-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Hans Peterson Transfer
DINFO2001-00082-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Michael Lebon Transfer
DINFO2001-00075-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Not Provided Transfer
DINFO2001-00069-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Pat Nobriga Transfer
DINFO2001-00084-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Pete Lucas Transfer
DINFO2001-00070-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Peter Morgan Transfer
DINFO2001-00033-0001 Jeffrey E. Kubiak Stephen Rumney Transfer


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