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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Sun, January 6, 2002 at 9:18 AM GMT
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Subject: I would guess that in the corrupt culture of the domain business


overseen by the execs of ICANN, the performance of is thought pretty damn clever.

They take your money, admit they f*cked up, then tell you that you can't have your money back, but, you can have a "credit" for the amount they owe you - if you are prepared to pay over-the-top mark-ups on their retail daomain prices.

Other than at times of special circumstances like those of new TLD launches, who on earth other than a newbie would buy a domain through a company like or Versign, when there are apparently reliable and very much cheaper companies such as RegisterFly offering good service at a small fraction of the price of the companies mentioned above?

It's apparent that are operating a double sting and have no fear of censure or penalty while the ICANN execs who brought us the and fiascos remain in their positions of trust and authority.

For as long as ICANN behaves like a corrupted registrars' club, the interests of the broad Internet community will remain at risk and we will always be in danger of being ripped-off as so many of us have been these past six months.

Looks to me that those members of the US Congress who had and continue to have responsibility for ICANN's administration of the DNS have a lot to answer for.  I believe their time is coming.

Viva la resistance!



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