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Username: hiltonian
Date/Time: Mon, January 7, 2002 at 6:47 PM GMT
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Subject: Total Registrations


      I tried registering two domains in the landrush, both through Total Registrations. One of them worked ( and the other failed ( I actually found out about the successful one when it resolved in my browser, rather than from any official confirmation! However, I would like to applaud Total Reg because as soon as they got official results from Afilias, the funds from the failed registration (minus a small queuing charge of a few pounds) were put back into my TR account for spending on other domains. All I had to do was send an email and within 24 hours it was put back on to my credit card. Thank you very much TR. Every email I have ever sent them has had a personal response, usually within a working day or so. Another example of a "good" registrar.

My beliefs are that ICANN should be disbanded and replaced with an organisation answerable to the whole world, not just the US government. It should be democratically elected and have some sort of constitution whereby everyone who is affected by their decisions can have to opportunity to be listened to.

It is a very complicated issue, and I won't pretend to know everything about it (in fact I know very little compared to most of the users on this forum) but I do know that ICANN shouldn't just be governed be a single county. It needs people running it from as many different sectors of internet use as possible. Also slightly less emphasis should be put on the WWW in domain issues as this isn't the only use of domains.

Lets hope that something changes soon, as the Internet can't go on being governed by an organisation like ICANN.

Richard Hilton
Hiltonian Media
Link: Total Registrations

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