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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Tue, January 8, 2002 at 10:27 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 95
Subject: why I'm NOT impressed by the Afilias challenge...


If you visit the ICANN DNSO forum, it's like a registrars club - all the old names are there and actively contributing... Siegfried Langenbach of Joker, Michael Palage of Afilias etc etc

Until the regulatory body ICANN is disassociated from the people its supposed to be regulating, what protection is there for ordinary customers?

It is typical that while these people are active and happy to participate on their own internal forum (which blocks out contributions from ordinary customers) they NEVER respond to fair, reasoned and important questions on this public forum (which exists to promote "transparency" and give the internet public a chance to have dialogue with the regulatory body).

Ordinary honest mostly small-time people have been BADLY hurt by the abuses of the .info roll-out, created by ICANN and Afilias, supervised by ICANN and Afilias, and then abused by Afilias executives and Board members (and by corrupt registrars).

It is not good enough for Afilias to claim "vindication" by challenging some of the fake names, when principal players at Afilias have submitted most of the fake data and abused the very system they set up (as Richy has shown with the William Lorenz/Lubsen issue). It is not good enough, because honest people have been defrauded.

Action taken to impose a Domebase solution and avoid the fraud: NIL

Action taken to delete fake names before Landrush (when requested even by the people who submitted them): NIL

Apologies: NIL

Action against fraudulent registrars: NIL

Action against fraudulent Board members: NIL

Action by ICANN: NIL

Response to complaints on this forum: NIL

Dialogue with the public: NIL

Openness and transparency: NIL

Protection of the consumer: NIL

Sanctions against Spy Productions, Yesnic, Joker, Speednames, DomainBank : NIL

Board Members still holding fake names fraudulently obtained : YES

Afilias CEO's company received $15000 to support zero-data fake claims : YES

Speednames (represented on Afilias Board) receipt of $500000 for submitting Plankenstein's 4981 fakes: YES

Profit for abuse of the system and breach of contract : YES

So Afilias executives and Board members submitted over 5000 fake names. Then they say they'll challenge their own wholly fake submissions.


They don't respond because they daren't.



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