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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, January 9, 2002 at 10:07 AM GMT
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Subject: my guess is that there were only a few thousand people buying


.info preregistrations in the first place and most if not all of them would have paid good money for nothing with a proportion of their Landrush applications.

Many of the few thousand who got burned because Afilias and ICANN permitted Afilias registrars and affiliates to sell Landrush tickets and Sunrise tickets for the same names are now wishing they had never hear of Afilias and .info and won't take part in the development of the extension.

I think .info remains an excellent extension which is going to prove very successful for registrants of good names, but the success of the .info extension will owe nothing to the registry Afilias and some of its shonky registrars and affiliates who have done their best to burden the extension with associations of incompetence and corruption.

Had the .info registry been awarded on merit rather than to mates in the registrar's club - ICANN - the profile and success of .info would in my opinion have been greater and ocurred sooner.

It would have been nice had everything been above board - but it wasn't - so .info registrants will have to work just that much harder.

I don't think anyone should expect a fair deal or optimum development of the new extensions until those in ICANN responsible for the fiascos of the Afilias .info and the Neulevel .biz launches are removed and replaced by others who are prepared to administer the Internet for the good of the broad Internet community rather than serving their own self interests. 



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