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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, January 9, 2002 at 12:47 AM GMT
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Subject: its apparent that agreements or contracts with ICANN mean nothing.


As gauged by the performance of Afilias and ICANN from the time of the .info launch,(or is that selection?) if something in a contract/agreement between Afilias (read several senior ICANN execs) and ICANN (read several Afilias senior execs)doesn't suit Afilias, then hang the consequences for Afilias's customers - Afilias can do what it likes apparently, without fear of censure or penalty.

I think that the outcomes of the short "stewardship" of the DNS by the candy coated - Public Benefit Corporation - ICANN - is evidence of the corruption of notionally democratic government by corporations.

I feel that if any substantial public benefit arises from the actions/inactions of ICANN, as it is currently being run, then it is by accident.

I will only be convinced that the US government has not been corrupted in its administration of the DNS, when it is clear that the interests of the global general public are being served.

The interests of the global general public will be served only once the current members of ICANN responsible for the selection of Afilias and the .info launch are removed and the BoD reconstituted so that Internet users other than big business are effectively represented.(My apololgy to Karl Auerbach, who representing the public interest must work his tail off in what I guess must be a very hostile environment.)

While the corporations hold sway, the rest of us can go swing in the breeze.      


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