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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Wed, January 9, 2002 at 1:30 PM GMT
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Subject: When does Hal Lubsen start to explain...?


Is Hal Lubsen going to challenge all the fake names he submitted for William Lorenz, and if so, why did he charge Lorenz for them?

They had "NONE" in all four Trademark data fields.

Lorenz told him they were fake.

But Hal Lubsen's company Domain Bank were happy to take $15000 and submit them.

If Hal Lubsen is happy to take someone's money to register these ineligible names, what right does he claim to challenge them?

He's challenging what he's done himself, because he overlooked the contract rules which said that the four fields of data ALL had to represent a Trademark. None of them do.

The Lorenz names never had to be submitted and registered. Only Lubsen is responsible for that, and for "stealing" the names from Landrush customers.

But first Lubsen's company takes the $15000. Then he challenges his own handiwork.

For months Hal Lubsen has refused to discuss this. For months ICANN has known about this. For months ICANN has condoned it by its inaction and silence on the matter.

And this is just one example. There are thousands of names like this.

Lorenz was either a plonker or a satirist.

But the actions of Lubsen's company have resulted in the defrauding of honest customers and profit for his own company.

As CEO of Afilias, there is a massive conflict of interest involved here.

How do you challenge yourself for what you have done, without apologising or accepting the responsibility for the loss that other people have sustained?

At the very least Hal Lubsen and ICANN should be prepared to discuss this and answer the questions of ordinary honest customers who have lost out, while DomainBank and Afilias profited.      


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