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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Wed, January 9, 2002 at 9:02 PM GMT
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Subject: Afilias and ICANN complicity in .info Sunrise fraud against Landrush applicants


At variance to what Afilias said it would do to counter TM fraud and cybersquatting in its .info registry bid document, ICANN awards the .info registry to the Afilias consortium with a Registry Agreement which contains none of the IP protection/anti-cybersquatting measures previously detailed in the Afilias winning bid document.

Prior to .info Sunrise phase, registrars such as UKReg and SpyProductions advise the domain buying community that Afilias is running an "after the event" IP protection policy and that the way to win the best .info names is to submit Sunrise applications rather than Landrush applications.

Some within the domain buying community opt to lodge Sunrise applications with falsified TM details, some provide no details so that their applications bear the Sunrise application "sample" data - "example TM - 2040-10-1 - eg12345", others such as William Lorenz indicated that they held no TMs for the names for which he was aplying.

It is only at this point that Afilias and its registrars and their affiliates process these applications into fraudulent registrations.

Without the complicity of Afilias and ICANN, applications containing false TM data, example data or statements indicating the ineligibility of the applications such as those of Lorenz could not have produced fraudulent registrations which resulted in the loss of 10,000 names from the Landrush allocation.

If .info Landrush applicants have a case for return of the millions of dollars they collectively lost due to the events of the .info Sunrise, their case must be against the registry Afilias Ltd. and the notional DNS regulatory authority ICANN, for their is no one else who can be responsible.

On its performance to date it is apparent that ICANN will do nothing for the Landrushers as the ethical staff of ICANN are not in positions of authority in these matters.

At the moment, the interests of the broad general public are being under represented on the ICANN BoD.

Until the removal of those in ICANN responsible for awarding the info registry to Afilias and then standing by, deaf, dumb and blind to the events of the .info Sunrise, and the current imbalance of interests on the ICANN BoD is addressed, no one should believe that ICANN will change or that the interests of the broad Internet community will be served.



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