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Username: antipathy
Date/Time: Fri, January 11, 2002 at 11:23 AM GMT
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Subject: I note Stuart Lynn's coment - Cybersquatting disputes are less likely in a tightly regulated domain"


Why then did Stuart Lynn and Vint Cerf approve an "after the event" IP protection policy for the .info Sunrise that produced 10,000 instances of TM fraud and cybersquatting?

Did they only gain this wisdom "after the event"?

Shame about the expectations of the Landrushers who paid and lost millions to Afilias's registrars and affiliates for NO CHANCE at these names in the .info Landrush. Strike One.

Never mind, it's an ill wind that blows no one any good - the registry Afilias Ltd. and their registrars and affiliates managed to pocket 10,000 X 5 year registration fees from the Sunrise frauds!!!  Strike Two.

Had these names been registered in the Landrush they would have returned the Afilias gang 10,000 X 2 year registration fee.  When registered in Sunrise they returned the Afilias gang two and a half times as much.

And don't forget that these 10,000 names will again be offered to the general public.  Strike Three.

Landrushers - looks to me that you are victims of one of the great scams on the Internet, apparently perpetrated by those with responsibility for the administration of the DNS.

The likes of Stuart and Vint are lucky that in regard to the Afilias .info fiasco, it appears that only they will stand in official judgement of their conduct.  Were there appropriate representation of the interests of the general public on the ICANN BoD, then the official assessment of Stuart and Vint's performance might be different and the pair would be looking for alternative employment.  But had the broad Internet community been appropriately represented on the BoD, it's not likely we would have experienced the abomination of the .info Sunrise and lost our money and the chance of valuable Landrush names.  



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