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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sat, January 12, 2002 at 12:06 AM GMT
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Subject: Foul language is sometimes used to cover up meagre argument


If you want to post a site on helping cancer sufferers, then you are NOT "bashing" anyone if you wished you had the right to register

If you want to post a site to help raise money for orphans, then you are NOT "bashing" anyone if you wished you had the right to register

You are just trying to act as a free human being, sharing in the use of the internet which should be shared by all.

But instead, these names and thousands like them (generics) have been reserved as Trademarks (mostly fraudulently).

I think part of Gary's reasoned argument over many months is: what right does a US government quango like ICANN have, to authorise a system which gives prior use of thousands of names like these (in public use and in the public domain) to businesses who have their own Trademarks anyway.

The cybersquatting, in the case of these generic names, is done by businesses who claim the right to deprive the rest of humanity the use of their own languages.

I feel that instead of dealing in invective, you should address this side of Garry's reasoning.

I don't hold particularly strong views on this issue (I never really thought about it until Garry made me think) but I ask you:

Who's doing the cybersquatting, once you reserve generic domains for trademark holders?

I have spoken English all my life. What gives a US-appointed quango the right to block me from running a site like or

(Luckily, I managed to get - I'm a former prison governor, I think you call it "warden" in the States. I'm hoping I can develop a constructive site for families of prisoners. But I'm only able to because by luck, business did not reserve THAT trademark.)

We, the people of the world, have the right to use our own language, and share in the address systems of the Net, providing (like anyone else) we do not abuse other people's rights in the process.       


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